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Agrem Technosol Pvt. Ltd., is an organization established by technocrats with over 25 years of experience in Industrial Automation and Embedded Automation Domain.

Agrem Technosol has the vision to provide simplified meaningful solutions based on latest technology trends. Keeping pace with IoT, Big Data and Cloud based Interface, we deliver one of the best applications, that we call "Smart Simplified Engineering".

Our solutions have evolved from the years of hands-on-experience we have acquired through practical implementation related to Asset Integrity, Energy Dashboard, Real Time Manufacturing Dashboards and Refinery Business Intelligence.


To be recognized as the leaders in Enterprise and Analytics solutions, implemented responsibly with the latest technology trends and simplified enough to benefit every section of our community.


We have the responsibility to our community to provide them with sustainable latest technology solutions. Creating a People's Company that responds to our employees well-being and overall development, with the highest Ethics and culture that provides our employees an excellent work environment and ensure the best "Value for Investment" for our Investors, Employees and Customers likewise.


Industrial IOT

Our solutions are based on the Industry 4.0, IIoT Platform to deliver Smart Connected Operations, Smart Connected Assets and Smart Connected Enterprise.

To capture the true value of the IIoT, we ensure the key elements of Industrial Internet of Things platform - Connectivity, Cloud, Big Data Analytics & Application Development are available.

Wireless Automation

Our wireless automation solutions are focused to ensure every Device / Machine / Asset are wirelessly connected from local area to worldwide networks PAN, LAN, MAN, WAN using different standards Zigbee, Free band, WiHART, Bluetooth, GSM etc. and ensure data is transmitted over secured and stable networks.

Enterprise SCADA

SCADA is an integral part of any Real Time process and provides a Dashboard of information based on Roles. Taking this further, the Enterprise SCADA is an amalgamation of Rich Visualization combined with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).


We firmly believe "What gets measured gets Analyzed" and "What gets Analyzed gives results".

Our solutions helps Build effective Dashboards to measure performance and tracking by analyzing real-time and Historical data that helps keep the focus on improvements where they are most needed.

KPI's are Role based and the hierarchy of KPIs within any manufacturing environment needs to be dynamic and configurable on the fly.


1. Energy Analytics

  • Energy monitoring, analysis and energy management system with real time visualization.

  • Customized energy dashboards, reports, consumption pattern and forecasting.
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2. Corrosion Analytics

  • Total solution for "Online Corrosion Monitoring and Analysis" from Consultancy, Sales, Project Management and Services.

  • Expertise in corrosion monitoring systems for challenging Petrochemical, Oil and Gas Industry and Subsea Applications.

  • Web Based "Corrosion Monitoring Alerts" for multiple Corrosion sensors and systems (CorrCloud™)
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3. Machine Monitoring

  • Remote monitoring of machines with Health Status, Real Time Machine Parameters, Predictive Information, Historical Behavior.

  • OEE and KPI analysis to improve Up-Time and operator efficiency and production.
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4. Refinery Business Intelligence

  • Operational Intelligence designed to represent data from variety of information sources like warehouse, databases, historian, real-time process.

  • Helps to make critical decision based on real-time Information.

  • Provides Visual representation of data in Rich business charts and customized data presentation and also real time and historical trending.
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5. Condition Monitoring

  • Wide range of sensors bundled with Data Acquisition and Engineering services.

  • Real time monitoring of Condition in different applications like Industrial, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Marine, Defense, Building & Infrastructure.

  • Customized solutions for special purpose OEM systems, Single and 3 Axis accelerometers for different systems.
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