Differential Pressure Sensor

A differential pressure sensor measures the difference in pressure at two points and provides a comparative measurement between the two

Product Overview

The Model AGT 20XX series is an AEROSPACE GRADE differential pressure transducer, digitally corrected to provide high-accuracy pressure measurement in an analogy output. ASI proprietary sensor design provides added zero stability and high shock and vibration applications including Commercial Aviation, Military, Aerospace, UAV, Satellite and Defence Applications.

The Model AGT 70XX series is a media isolated differential pressure transducer, complete with integrated circuits for high precision, stability & reliability.



Aerospace Grade

Model AGT 2030 Aerospace Grade Differential Pressure Transducer

Model AGT 2035 Aerospace Grade Application Specific Differential Sensor

Model AGT 2040 High Line Aerospace Differential Pressure Transducer

Industrial Grade

Model AGT 7000 Wet Wet Differential Pressure Transducer

Model AGT 7200 High Line Pressure & Overload Differential Pressure Transducer

Model AGT 7300 Low Power Differential Pressure Sensor For IIOT Applications

Miniature Grade

Model AGT209 Differential Pressure Sensor

Model 2.4mm Differential Pressure Sensor

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