Industrial Grade Pressure Transducer

Industrial pressure sensors are a key component of the real-time equipment condition and performance monitoring processes that enable predictive maintenance, one of the most effective ways to increase cost efficiency in the facility.

Product Overview

The Model AGT Industrial series is an Industrial Grade static pressure transducer, designed to provide high-accuracy pressure measurements. Model AGT 3000 is media isolated sensor intended for industrial general purpose OEM applications.

The AGT 2200 pressure sensor is intended for industrial OEM all Media isolation pressure sensor applications that require the low pressure measurement of liquids and gases.

Model AGT 2100 is a monolithic OEM media isolated pressure sensor. AGT 40HP with pressure range up to 60000 PSI (4000 BAR) is designed for demanding applications that require high accuracy and long life



Model AGT 40 HP High Pressure Transducer

Model AGT 2100 Iquartz Monolithic Pressure Sensor

Model AGT 2200 Media Isolated Pressure Sensor

Model AGT 6000 Hammer Union

Model AGT 6050 Cryogenic & High Temperature Pressure Transducer

Model AGT 2080 Pressure Transducer with USB Interface

Model AGT 3000 OEM Industrial MEMS Pressure Transmitter

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