Bio-Medical Sensors

Medical Application

Pressure sensor enables monitoring a patient’s condition by providing key diagnostics in a broad range of medical application. We are the leading pressure sensor provider in blood pressure meter segment, and continues to develop the pressure sensors for variety of applications in medical equipment including IBPS, Respiratory Therapy, and so forth.

  • Blood pressure measure, Patient monitor, Oxygen concentrator, Ventilator, Air mattress, Massage equipment

Consumer Application

With the trend of thinner, lighter, faster and smarter, more and more MEMS components are used in consumer electronics devices. Pressure sensor enables altimeter and barometer to provide information of Weather Forecast, Indoor and Outdoor Navigation, various applications. Another trend is energy saving in home appliances. Pressure sensor measures and controls the usage of water, air, coolant etc. We devotes to provide customers with high quality products and services.

  • Anti-snore pillow, Smart home appliances (Vacuum juicer, Coffee machine, Massage chair, Smart refrigerator), Bill counter, electronic wind instrument

Automotive Application

Energy-saving, safety, comfort and convenience are getting increasing attention in automobile industry. More and more electronic components are used in achieving these goals. MEMS pressure sensor is one of the most important component for cars, e.g. MAP, VAP, EGR, TPMS etc. We provides customers with the products of high reliability, competitive cost, ease of use in system design and mass production and high accuracy.

  • Tire pressure sensor, Intake manifold

Industrial Application

Pressure is one of the important parameters for production equipment’s and industrial measurement, e.g. Pressure Switch, Vacuum Machine, Flow Control, and Fan Control for Air-Conditioning System. In order to ensure precise operation for automatic control, alarm system, and safety control, the ability to monitor and control the pressure is critical. We develops pressure sensors for industrial application and to cope with harsh environment with high quality and reliability to meet industrial standards.

Pressure gauge, Pressure switch, Pressure transducer, Air conditioning refrigerant detection, Pipeline pressure monitoring, Building fire intelligent differential pressure control system

MPS-2100 Series

MPS-3130 Series

MPS-3600 Series

MIS-7300 Series

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