Aircrafts, Aero engines, & Space Applications

Product Overview

Rugged COTS Aerospace grade cameras are specialized imaging devices designed to withstand the harsh conditions of aerospace environments while delivering high-quality images and data. These cameras are used in various applications, including satellite imaging, surveillance, navigation, and scientific research, designed to meet MIL-STD 704 electrical characteristics and operational requirements of an aircraft’s electrical power systems. This standard ensures that all electrical systems and equipment on military aircraft can operate reliably under various conditions and meet specific performance criteria

Designed to meet MIL-STD 810G for High Shock and Vibration environment in space systems, and electronics designed to sustain the pressure below vacuum conditions.

Built for interior/exterior aerospace & beyond including
Rugged Camera Connectivity Solutions

Extremely compact in size with IP68 water ingress protection, MIL D38999 circular connector with TCP/IP protocol for water tight coupling of camera to the system.

Video Streaming options with H.264 Main Stream with 128Kb to 20Mb/sec.

Various Options available for the selection of the lens of the camera as per customer requirement.

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