Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Gyroscopic sensors ("gyro sensors") are one type of motion sensing device. They are capable of sensing movements that are difficult for humans to detect, such as rotation and changes in orientation.

Product Overview

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It is the minimum of the Allan Variance when the gyro data are recorded at the fixed temperature.

The sensitive axis direction is indicated by an arrow in the drawings in the Product Specifications & Drawings. When a gyro is mounted on a surface that rotates clockwise the gyro produces a positive (+) change in the output signal.

It is the max angular rate a gyroscope uniquely translates into its output. IR of the sensor is defined as the negative range limit or the positive range limit which is the lowest in absolute value. Values given on data sheets dare approximate values and may vary with each sensor.

It is the deviation of the sensor output signal from a theoretical straight line which has been fitted to the data points of an actual calibration at low rates. It is expressed as a percentage of reading.

Single Axis


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